The Emanuel Family Welcomes you to Ridge Top Lights!

Tune Radio to 106.1 FM

The 2013 Animated Christmas Light Show Runs Every Night
From 6pm - Midnight
December 1 - Jan 5

Songs for this year include:
  • Christmas Wrapping - The Waitresses
  • Jingle Bell Rock - Thousend Foot Krutch
  • Facination - Human League
  • Joy to the World - Go Fish
  • Decorations (Good Vibrations) - Bob Rivers

NOTE: We have so many lights that even mild rains are enough to trip the ground fault protectors and shut the show down until things dry out.

This will be our third Season at the current location in the Oak Ridge neighborhood and we would like to thank all of our new friends and neighbors for the compliments and support. We hoped they would accept us and our love for "over the top" Christmas light displays....it looks like our wishes came true.

Ridge Top Dr can be very busy at times so please stay in your car for safety and be respectful of the neighbors. Pull off to the side of the road and use your parking lights to clearly let other drivers know you have stopped to watch the show, and they should go around. Best viewing angle is actually from the cul-de-sac across the street.